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I’m back with one of the most exciting posts to write – review & swatches of the gorgeous eyeshadow palette you can see above! Let me tell you all about the wishes and struggles that landed this beauty in my hands… As most of you know, it’s quite hard to get Tarte products in Slovenia and if you manage to find them somewhere, the shipping will cost you way too much. I’ve lusted after this palette ever since I first saw it on Instagram and waited for the opportunity to buy it somewhere. Then one of my best friends Urška (love you, dear!) went to study abroad to Denmark and what followed was definitely a story worth telling! One of her foreign friends there was from America and ordered the palette for me, shipped it from Denmark and from there to Ljubljana. Of course some of the eyeshadows broke in the process but stayed in the pans so I managed to fix them. It may not look as beautiful as a completely new one would, but I love it even more because of the way I got it. Again, sincere thanks to everyone involved ❤.


Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette In Bloom clay eyeshadow palette comes in a beautiful gold packaging with pink print on the lid. It’s definitely one of the prettiest make-up items in my collection. Inside you will find 12 clay-based eyeshadows in warm neutral & pink tones – 9 matte and 3 shimmers. All of them are incredibly soft and well pigmented, as you will be able to see on the swatches below. They’re easy to apply and blend well, but if you want them to last well, you’ll have to apply a base underneath as they tend to fade without it.




You can use them row by row (the shades in each row are complementary) or mix and match them as you desire. In any case, the shade range is perfect for everyday looks, while having just enough shimmery and dark shades for party ones too. Another great thing is the big mirror you will find inside the lid – this and compact packaging make it a perfect choice for your traveling bag.
Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker & Smokeshow


Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker & Activist
Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel & Leader


I find all of the shades beautiful and love to use every single one of them for different looks. If I had to pick three favourites, they would – surprisingly enough – be the shimmery ones, Rocker, Firecracker and Funny Girl. All in all, I love this palette a lot and have been using it daily. I’ve also been flirting with some other products online and am now tempted to place an order or two, haha!

Have you tried any of the Tarte Cosmetics products? Which one is your favourite?


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