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Boy, do I have a treat for you today! Some time ago I was contacted by Artdeco and offered to pick a few items from their new Crystal Garden line to try out and share with you, lovely readers. The collection is a collaboration between Artdeco & Swarovski, inspired by their beautiful crystals, which makes for some gorgeous products full of pretty shimmer and glitter – perfect for the festive December and New Year’s eve parties! Out of all available products – and they’re all to die for! – I picked four that interested me the most: Crystal Mascara & Liner, Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream, Crystal Garden Blush (I am obsessed with their blushes, this is the third one in my collection and I love them all dearly) and Art Couture Nailpolish.


Crystal Mascara & Liner
A 2-in-1 product I just had to try out – to be honest, gorgeous glitter in the bottle was pretty much love at first sight and I just couldn’t resist. It’s an interesting concept too – at the end of the mascara wand there’s a regular eyeliner brush, so you get a beautiful product to line your eyes and paint your lashes with. The packaging is classic and chic and the product is black base filled with silver glitter. Even if it looks a bit weird and scary when you first see it, the application is actually the same that with regular mascara and eyeliner. I’ve worn it out a few times and am definitely wearing it tomorrow for the party. One thing that bothers me is that it transfers a bit – but that’s probably a problem with my skin, since lately I can’t find a mascara that wouldn’t smudge at least a little.



Art Couture Nailpolish
There were four shades available and I went for the one called Silver Plum. It’s a gorgeous taupe filled with shimmer that’s opaque in two coats and has a sand finish. You should see how this beauty performs in the sunlight! It lasted on my nails for the whole week without chipping and is a bit of a pain to remove (as is with all glitter polishes), but totally worth the effort.



Crystal Garden Blush
Artdeco always has the most beautiful blushes, that’s a fact – every single collection they release includes a beautiful blush with a print so pretty, you don’t want to use it so you wouldn’t ruin it. This one is no different, it comes in a chic black box with Swarovski flower on the lid and pretty design inside. The shade is a lovely pink which looks like a natural flush on your cheeks. It’s easy to apply and hard to over-do, even if it’s pretty pigmented. It sets on your cheeks well and stays there for hours. The packaging has a nice mirror in the lid, making it perfect to carry around.


Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream
A cute little pot, filled with iridescent cream that can be used anywhere on your face or even your neck and collarbone! It’s soft, easy to apply and blends well into your skin. You can add a touch of it on your highlight points or go-to-town with it and layer it on for a fairytale look. So far I’ve tried it as a highlighter and eyeshadow and it performed well, I’m tempted to layer it on tomorrow for a really glittery and festive look. What do you think?


Did you get anything from this collection? What kind of look are you going for tomorrow for New Year’s eve?


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